Switch Kit

To Get Started

Open up your Community First Bank Totally Free checking account at any Community First Bank office:

You are ready, start by making a deposit and begin to use your new Community First Bank checks and your new Visa Checkcard/ATM card.

Download Switch Kit forms here >


To Move Transactions

  • Shred or destroy your old checks, ATM card etc. from your old bank
  • Let outstanding checks or automatic withdrawals clear; remember this could take several weeks!
  • Inform your employer to change your direct deposit (form letter is available at Community First Bank) they will need a voided check and/or a deposit slip from your new account.
  • Contact anyone who makes a deposit to your account. This could be from your retirement, pension, Social Security etc. Some of these businesses require their own form or you can use one of ours.


    Because of the new privacy regulations, “you” as the customer need to help us:

Inform anyone who makes withdrawals from your account that you have switched, this could be insurance companies, other banks etc.

Here is a possible checklist of contacts for you

Utility company
Phone Company
Insurance company
Other bank/finance companies
Cell-phone Company
Cable Company
Finally, Close Your Old Account

Ask your former bank to close your account and send you a check for the balance after all the transactions have cleared. They will probably need something in writing to do this.

You are ready. What an “easy move” that was!

Welcome to Community First Bank!